Looking For The Best Places For Afternoon Tea In London? | Sketch London Is IT!

After leaving Carnaby Street with no reservations at Choccywoccydoohdah, the cutest cake parlor I have ever seen, Boyd and I ventured down the street without any and certainly not the best afternoon tea in London reservations. I was super disappointed but determined to find another awesome place to experience a proper English afternoon rose tea.

Come on! Don’t tell me you’ve never imagined tea with the Queen of England. If your answer was “no” then you’re not qualified to be Southern American for sure.

My poor husband, Chef Boyd knew that I was on a mission. A mission to find not only a tea lounge in London but the BEST AFTERNOON TEA LONDON! Of course, the best afternoon tea in London must consist of beautiful tea and pretty pastries, especially after seeing the wedding cakes and smelling fresh sugary chocolate icing at Choccywoccydoodah.

But where? Where was I going to find a cool place with very little time and no reservations? At the time, I thought of phoning a friend. Anthony Bourdain did not answer. An English rose tea isn’t his style anyway. Looking around, I found the perfect stylish gal to ask; she worked at the Vogue press stand. She was a sharply dressed Asian gal who reminded me of my friend Virginia in Las Vegas. Virge (aka. Virginia) always knows the latest and greatest discoveries in Las Vegas, so I asked.

She first recommended one tea shop then as I was on the way out of the Vogue when she stopped me. “Wait! You want to go to Sketch!” I was game for anything, but a sketchy place? Hey! If Vogue says it I’m there! And Vogue said it! Well, the Vogue employee.

Sketch London High Tea | Best Afternoon Tea London & It’s Affordable London Afternoon Tea

Need Sketch London Reservations?

Boyd and I rounded the corner a couple of blocks down from the newsstand to open windows and an ultra-fabulous spot for tea. It was not Sketch in the least! It was very cool. It was very artsy and very Vogue!!! I was in hog heaven with no hogs, only the best of the best English rose tea, pastries, and ultra-chic designer decor.  And…no reservations were required. In a very serendipitous moment, we almost had the tea room to ourselves until 5 pm came and went.

While Sketch London reservations are not required, I do recommend reservations and making time for lunch, afternoon tea aka. dinner. If you’re as late in the day as we were, your selection will be limited. The great news is: EVERYTHING IS TOO GOOD!!!

Sketch Rose Tea With Raspberry Pastry

The Old Sketch London Tea Room

It’s hidden and a little off the beaten path, but certainly worth the time and two-block walk when you’re in the Regent Street or Carnaby Street district. The Christi in a London experience will be on my play-it-again agenda. There’s nothing on Earth like this English rose tea!!

Christi In A London-WonderlandYes, my sweet hubby is learning how to focus on the BIG camera.

Sketch London Afternoon Tea

English Rose Tea In London

Afternoon tea here in the front room was off-the-charts amazing!!! I had English rose tea with a raspberry pastry served on a china pattern I used to own. Let’s just say this china pattern comes with a story of its own.

Sketch London Menu Afternoon Tea | Best Afternoon Tea London
Afternoon Tea

My Royal Albert China Story While Having Sketch London Afternoon Tea

In short, and to keep you from wondering about the china story, my maternal Grandmother first became a collector of the Royal Albert English Rose pattern (shown in the images above and below). Then my Aunt Lynn soon followed suit, collecting her own set. I mentioned to my Grandmother that I would like to have her set.

First, she gave me her original wedding china that resembled Royal Albert. Over a couple of years, she and my other family members completed 20 place settings plus all serving platters and decorative elements.

By the time it was complete, my daughter’s dad and I divorced. My Royal Albert was lost by the movers when I moved to Las Vegas. I was saddened yet relieved. I must admit I wasn’t as heartbroken as the rest of my family over the loss. I had nowhere to store the 20-place settings or the serving pieces or the massive Santa sleigh centerpiece. At the time I was having to pinch every penny and I’m really against hoarding and storage fees. Plus, I learned the loss was covered by my insurance company.

In the last few months, we lost Nina, my ex-mother-in-law, to a tragic death. Her husband said that she took some china from my house. I asked if it was before or after the moving company had left. He’s blind, so he didn’t know, but he thought it was after the movers had taken everything else. He took me to her house, and there Royal Albert was resting away in Nina’s china cabinet. Rather sketch (ha) and funny, I know, right?

Okay, now let’s get back to the real Sketch London and the Best Afternoon Tea London…

Sketch London Tea Spot

One of the other cool things about Sketch London is…they give back! I love patronizing businesses that help their communities. That made the Best Afternoon Tea London even better!

Beautiful Pink Art Deco Dining Room Ideas For Sketch London High Tea

Ok! Need a pink lover to say more? Really? Can you imagine my pink little @travelingpoodle Bentley here? He would blend in perfectly! I love the tone-on-tone pinks. Well, I love any shade of pink! Pink makes one happy! Smile! You’re in a room of bubble gum! While I used to love to chew bubble gum, I’m down for just painting in bubble gum.

Design, Blogger, Fashion, Travel, DesignerPink Dining Room Ideas | Sketch London | Best Afternoon Tea In London | Pink Dining Room Ideas

A little story about my first love of pink…

When it was my year to paint Ambiance Interiors, my Atlanta interior design firm’s historic house, I chose pink instead of a repaint in my mom’s choice of taupe.

At first, everyone joked and said it was Pepto Bismal pink. They said it was a nice warning for the stomach aches some of my clients would get when they saw their bills. Haha. That was a joke! I do not like surprises unless they’re sketchy, so if there’s one thing I know how to do it sticks to budgets. I may lose customers because of it, but when you know what it REALLY takes to do a project, money can be the first barrier.

Pink Tea Room With Zig Zag Pattern Flooring, Best Afternoon Tea London, Sketch London, Art Deco, Tea Room, Mid Century Modern, Decorating Ideas

While I loved the I was amazed at the beautiful Sketch lecture room & library London I was even more impressed when I went to the restroom and found this gorgeous pink Art Deco dining room. Just in case you’re not familiar…pink is MY color, and Art Deco is my style! For real, check it out here on my fashion & home decor boutique – CHRISTI TASKER MIAMI if you don’t believe me.

Zig Zag Pattern Marble Herringbone Floor In Sketch London High Tea Room

From swanky, modern Art Deco furniture and banquettes to the zig-zag marble herringbone floor. Sketch London’s High Tea Room had me at hello! 

Gallery Wall Ideas from In Sketch London High Tea Room Art Gallery

Simplistic frames go a loonnnng way in the Sketch London High Tea Room Art Gallery. Frequently, the art changes, but the triple-stacked frames stay perfectly placed one inch apart. They span the entire room giving the room a visual wallpaper banner effect.

Gallery Wall Ideas, Best Afternoon Tea London, Sketch London, Art Deco, Tea Room, Mid Century Modern, Decorating Ideas, Miami Interior Designer, Christi Tasker

Gallery Wall Ideas | Sketch London | Best Afternoon Tea In London | Pink Dining Room Ideas

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

Gallery Wall Ideas | Sketch London | Best Afternoon Tea In London | Pink Dining Room IdeasGallery Wall Ideas | Sketch London | Best Afternoon Tea In London | Pink Dining Room Ideas

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

The Sophisticated Room at Sketch London

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

Sketch Lecture Room & Library London

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel Design, Blogger, Fashion, Travel, Designer Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

Sketch London Menu | Best Afternoon Tea Menu Ever

I have this thing called a branding agency for those of you who know me, aside from my first love of interior design! Yep! I’m addicted to full experiences that make people happy. One of my many hats, titles, or labels is Chief Happiness Officer for our Casa Wynwood brand. When it comes to details and fun spaces, I am very appreciative, especially when one is created without me. I love being surprised at every corner.

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

The Service At Sketch London is NOT sketch at all!

The owner is Sketch CEO on Twitter, and he’s the one on the right. He plays around and has a lot of fun, all while delivering the best service you’ll find in a tearoom.

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

Neon Piano In Sketch London, Best Places For Afternoon Tea In London

The Paint Dripped Art Stairs Ideas in Sketch London

My idea of the perfect stair gripper….who says stairs have to have a gripper when you can drip gallons of paint to create a grip? Yes, I appreciate the weird things in spaces and the avoidance of ugly black gripper tape.

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

Yeah, I think this qualifies for one of the best places for afternoon tea in London!

Sketch London Christmas Decorations

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

The Best Loo In London | The Easter Decoration In the Loo At Sketch London

The Best Loo In London | The Easter Decoration In The Loo At Sketch London

Sketch in London….and their decor! For the most part, the decor was antiques and refurbished antiques. Totally my style!!! Very comfortable with a combination of modern and victorian. I like the word: Victodern for the style and consider it my style. Mixing a little of everything into one masterpiece that reflects family heirlooms that I wouldn’t otherwise want the painting in wild colors that I then call ART!

Art Installation In Sketch London

I can only assume that this chair was in too poor of shape to expose. And the jeans, well….they were too worn out to be used as upholstery. Therefore, combined we call this ART! Love it!

Sketch In London Interior

Sketch London Bathroom, Most Unusual Bathroom In London

Egg-Stra Bathroom

Sketch London Bathroom

Sorry guys, no blowjobs…. there are French maid outfits involved, though. {Well, none that I’m aware of.} Be sure to look in the mirror. This maid did not want her picture taken and kept avoiding me! LOL. Thank you, mirror, mirror on the wall! 🙂

Mirror Photography In London

Lunch is supposed to be off the charts & a unique experience per the Vogue newsstand girl. Below are the restaurant and proper dining area, completely capturing my attention and love for color and paint. Notice this is simple diagonal stripes in various colors to create a modern stripe.

The Old Interior Design In Sketch London

Sketch Restaurant In London

What Are Your Best London Tea Rooms or Affordable London Afternoon Tea Rooms?

What are your favorite places for affordable London Afternoon Tea?

If you love the inspiration and art in this post, be sure to check out my Venetian Carnivale with over 42 Most Artistic Masquerade Masks & Costumes articles. There are soooooo many beautiful inspiring places in Venice, Italy, but the people made Venezia on my February 2018 trip to Venice. And if you’re in the mood for Christmas check out my Top 5 Most Inspiring Christmas Window Displays from my trip to Paris, France. 


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