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This year, instead of sending you all a Christmas Card or an email telling you what we’ve done throughout the year. We thought, let’s take a much-needed staycation, relax on the beach, and give our friends, neighbors and the world something really cool. So we have created a blog that will include the highlights of our travels to allow you to search our favorites by city or category.

All you have to do is clicking in the drop-down menu here on P.S. This Rocks!  Notice that we are only writing about things that truly ROCK so that you don’t have to experience the not so grand places. That means you won’t even have to email us to ask for our favorites list….by the end of January we should be caught up from the past couple of years to have you all on your way to greatness in the cities that we frequent. By city, you’ll find everything from restaurants, what to do, where to shop, fashion inspiration and discover trending people, places, and artisans.

We’re going to start with our favorites and good times from last year’s trip to Paris, France. When we hop the pond to visit Boyd’s family in London or Scotland for Boxing Day and Hogmanay we like to make a pitstop in Paris. You’ll see why when we let you know how the English and Scottish celebrate Christmas. Stay posted to find out what those holidays are and what they do beginning December 26th:)

Now back to the beauty and impeccable Christmas decor and energy from last year’s trip to Paris. We hope you enjoy reading and feel free to comment below if you have questions or see something that we missed, including typos and grammatical errors. We gifted our Tasker Agency staff a holiday vacation from editing.

Grab your kids and watch the fabulous holiday window productions of Paris 

From Mui Mui to Jimmy Choo Paris department stores are have the most inspiring Christmas windows that I’ve ever seen. Yes, New York and London store windows are fab too, yet there’s nothing quite like the shows that Parisian stores Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché, Printemps Haussmann, The Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville do to envelop passersby. Especially Printemps Haussmann. These tiny historic windows burst with movement and are refined with creativity to tell a story.

So….instead of me typing and trying to tell the stories behind the luxury brands, grab your kiddos and a cup of hot chocolate and watch these videos. And if you don’t have to…don’t avoid the temptation to hop a plane to Paris for the holidays. I promise…you won’t be disappointed…

Check out this video to see the Prada holiday windows at Printemps:

And if you can’t make it to Paris, London and New York are my other two favorite places that over exude the holiday spirit. The lights and window displays are stunning and the vibe is like no other!!!!

For the kiddos in your life, watch this awesome video:

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May your holidays be filled with peace, love, and joy!

We wish you the best Christmas ever! 


Christi + Boyd

P.S. Read Boyd’s post about last year’s Christmas Dinner in Paris. 

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Top 5 Christmas Window Displays: Paris, France


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