After leaving Carnaby Street with no reservations at the cake parlor cafe I was on a quest for my afternoon English rose tea experience. Come on! Don’t tell me you’ve never imagined tea with the Queen of England? If your answer was “no” then you’re definitely not qualified to be Southern American for sure.

My poor husband, Boyd knew that I was on a mission to find tea and only pretty tea and pastries would do after seeing the lovely wedding cakes and smelling the fresh sugary icing. But, where? Where was I going to find a cool place with very little time and no reservations. I did think of calling Anthony Bourdain but cakes and English rose tea aren’t really his style. Looking around I found the perfect gal to ask, the Vogue press stand cashier. She was a sharply dressed Asian gal who reminded me of my friend Virginia in Las Vegas. Virge (aka. Virginia) always knows the best of the best discoveries, so this girl was my best option.

She first recommended one tea shop then as I was on the way out of the Vogue pages she stopped me. “Wait! You want to go to Sketch!” I was game for anything, but a sketchy place? Hey! If Vogue says it I’m there! And Vogue said it! Well, the Vogue employee.

Ann Taylor

Boyd and I rounded the corner a couple of blocks down from the newsstand to opened windows and an ultra fabulous spot for tea. It was much cooler than Sketch! It was very Vogue!!! I was in hog heaven with no hogs, only the best of the best English rose tea, pastries, and ultra chic designer decor.

And if you’re as late in the day as we were, your selection will be limited. The great news is: EVERYTHING IS TOO GOOD!!!

English Rose Tea in London

Afternoon tea here in the front room was off the charts ahhhmazing!!! I had English rose tea with a raspberry pastry served on a china pattern I used to own. Let’s just say this china pattern comes with a story of its own.

Afternoon tea

sketch rose tea with raspberry pastry

sketch london tea spot

In short, and to keep you from wondering about the china story, my maternal Grandmother first became a collector of the Royal Albert English Rose pattern (shown here) then my Aunt Lynn soon followed suit collecting her own set. My china was lost in shipping when I moved to Las Vegas and I must admit I wasn’t as heartbroken as the rest of my family over the loss. I had no where to store the 20 place settings or the serving pieces or the massive Santa sleigh centerpiece.

Just in the last few months, it was discovered shortly after my ex-mother-in-law passed away, that she took the china from my house after the movers left it off the shipment. When Nina passed, her blind husband wanted to make sure I knew about the china. He told us the story of loading the multiple boxes. I laughed when I saw it displayed in her china cabinet. Rather sketch (ha) and funny I know, but let’s get back to the real.

Sketch in London….and their decor! For the most part the decor was antiques and refurbished antiques. Totally my style!!! Very comfortable with a combination of modern and victorian. I like the word: Victodern for the style and consider it my own personal style. Mixing a little of everything into one masterpiece that reflects family heirlooms that I wouldn’t otherwise want painted in wild colors that I then call ART!

I can only assume that this chair was in too poor of shape to expose. And the jeans, well….they were too worn out to be used as upholstery. Therefore, combined we call this ART!

Sketch in London Interior

egg-stra bathroom

Sketch London Bathroom

Sorry guys, no blowjobs…. there are French maid outfits involved though. {Well, none that I’m aware of.} Be sure to look in the mirror. This maid did not want her picture taken and kept avoiding me! LOL. Thank you mirror, mirror on the wall! 🙂

mirror photography in London

Lunch is supposed to be off the charts & an extremely unique experience per the girl in the Vogue newsstand. Below is the restaurant and proper dining area completely capturing my attention and love for color and paint. Notice this is simple diagonal stripes in various colors to create a modern stripe.

Sketch restaurant in London

It’s hidden and a little off the beaten path, but certainly worth the time and two block walk when you’re in the Regent Street or Carnaby Street district. The Christi in a London-Wonderland experience will definitely be on my play-it-again agenda. There’s nothing on Earth like this English rose tea!!

Christi in a London-Wonderland

Yes, my sweet hubby is learning how to focus the BIG camera.

Got any photography tips or places in London that you love? Please do share the love peeps…comment below.


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