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Tour and Travel Tips Camden Market in London

Welcome to the world of incredible insanity! Welcome to Camden Lock Village Market….where there’s entertainment all around you!!! Seriously….keep reading and you’ll see exactly what I mean. There’s a little bit of everything! So much so that it could easily be considered an American carnival, only better and much more creative!

P.S. Upon entering the market, I immediately noticed the recycled vespa scooter seats were converted into barstools at a cafe overlooking the lock. So cool! At first, I had a blonde moment and thought that people were sitting on their scooters having lunch. {duhhhh…}

recycled vespa scooter seats
P.S. The store fronts were some of the most artistic creations I’ve ever seen in one place. From the Dr. Marten store to the Dark Angel, this street is loaded with creativity and creative souls that are in no way afraid to express themselves…even with the most vulgar obscenities. Notice the guy below with the leather skull vest on.

Camden Market Shoes Bus
Camden Market Creative Crowd
Creative Art in Camden Market
Art work on Camden Market Shops
Dragen statue on Chinese restaurant
Creative Dude In Camden Market

The Wild & Lovely Camden Market in London, England » London » Travel » market »

P.S. Dudes like this just want to see if they can get your attention….and…they’re from New Zealand.

Cyberdog in Camden Market
NewRock Camden
Dark Angel Camden
Evil from the needle Wall Tatoo
Floating Chair in Camden

P.S. Secretly, I wanted to get in this chair and have my picture made. Not an option.

Art Work on Barclays

Even the Barclay’s bank is creative! Americans, can you even imagine one of our banks being so cool and out there? I must admit I do wonder how many more aspiring extremist are attracted to the Barclays bank over their other boring choices. Hey! It’s all in demographic advertising….right?

Camden Auto Shop
Every square inch of the market is covered with vendors on foot, wheels, shops and everything in between. You’ll find some of the best authentic art, tailored or custom made shirts, fashion wear, and even custom made jewelry. I absolutely fell in love with several of the vendors! So much so that I put a dramatic dent in my hubby’s wallet on this outing.

In retro world, a division of Camden Village Market you’ll find everything you can image to send your heart on a #TBT (#ThowBackThursday) mission no matter what day of the week it happens to be. Almost every record or LP that you can imagine is available in a pristine environment. For what price? I don’t know!

P.S. For the record GenYers: LPs mean Long Plays! I don’t mean a sports term either. It’s a vinyl material that was ingrained with music. It and the eight track is the only way we could listen to music before Steve Jobs ever conceived iTunes. I agree….thank God for iTunes and the ability to carry thousands of songs in our pockets.

The Wild & Lovely Camden Market in London, England » London » Travel » market »

retro world Camden Village Market
CDs shop in Camden Village Market

Has it been awhile since your last mani-pedi? No worries! There’s plenty of fish in the Camden Market Lock to take care of your dead skin. Just put your feet in the water and let the garra rufa fish go to work! Yep! That’s what I said!

According to Asian cultures this method of “doctor fish” nibbling the dead skin from your feet works. Whether it works or not, I didn’t experiment as my trip to Paris was next and involves walking and I really need feet for that. And notice…it’s not cheaper than a traditional pedicure either! What the heck are these Brits thinking? Even my own Brit couldn’t figure this one out.

Let’s just say that even this doesn’t happen in Vegas…it’s illegal but so is prostitution. Go figure. I don’t see any risk-takers setting up a peces pedicure stand on the strip yet but I’ll keep you informed on the homeland too.

P.S. This is unsanitary people!!!

Fish Massage
Speaking of custom made fashion….I’m a sucker! And I’m obviously rubbing off on my husband. Yay! All on his own Boyd found this custom shirt studio where we selected fabrics, buttons, thread colors and had two shirts delivered to our door about four weeks later. They fit perfectly and look great on!

There is an option to buy shirts off-the-rack but at the time my baby’s belly didn’t allow us to do that. With his recent weight loss I think we’ll be able to pick up a few tailored shirts in person next time. We’ll still order one or two considering the price is only10€ which equated to about $13.

P.S. Boyd’s custom made shirts were totally worth the cost considering the detail and fabric options. Shipping wasn’t terribly bad either.

Boyd in custom shirt studio
custom shirt studio
P.S. I love crazy, artsy graphic shirts and Camden Market goers and shop owners do too! The styles are endless and the prices weren’t bad either. I bought two shirts. One was screen printed and was priced at 19€. The other was more detailed and handpainted (24€).

vintage fashions store

The Stables at Camden Lock Market are historically exquisite and contain a wealth of antiques and vintage fashions.

Stables at Camden Lock Market
oxford shoe

P.S. I’m a huge oxford shoe girl thanks to Cole Haan. I was dying for these red, white, and blues until I learned they would be permanently out of my size. Sad face.

Because they don’t even make this style big enough for me! If you missed my shoe rant be sure to read it. Crafted of leather uppers and made my Shoe Embassy of London my daughter did spend her hard earned money on a pair as they are much less expensive than Cole Haans. Even after shipping.

iron and crystal chandeliers

Don’t forget to look up while you’re here either. This could be one of the largest vintage iron & crystal chandeliers you’ll ever see. It’s remarkable and all hand-crafted to make it that much more spectacular.

You really have to look everywhere to appreciate the details embedded in the market. There are displays tucked away everywhere! This soldier’s uniform was tucked into a ‘window’ out of nowhere.
Stemming from roots, I love the buy things from true artist. Especially when they are demonstrating their talents in a craft fair setting. My crafty mother demonstrated her tole painting skills at craft shows throughout the United States when I was growing up. She would paint handmade pottery from Texas and furniture that my dad built in our shop. Carefully their hard work along with my 500 lacy teddy bears and hand-made jewelry would get packed into the 16-foot trailer that I had to learn to back up our curvy driveway before I could get my driver’s license.

This gal reminded me of my mother as she sat making custom brass earrings and other jewelry. The detail and styles were so adorable that I just had to buy a pair to ‘support her’. They prices ranged from 10€ to 25€ if I’m not mistaken. Considering the innovative details and the cost of brass I felt like I got a good deal. Much better than a deal from a home jewelry party….that’s for sure!

P.S. My gold endless hoop earrings are some of my favorites and get a ton of compliments.

craft fair
Camden Lock Food Street
Food and beverages are a plenty! There are pubs and waterholes crammed into every corner. I couldn’t resist quenching my thirst on table 22 with an WKD in the raspberry flavor.

P.S. When traveling anywhere, especially abroad, I try almost everything native and in as many flavors as possible. There’s a lot of flavors of WKD and I couldn’t ever recall which one I liked the most. I think it was the blue. {wink}.Check out for best travel bloggers.

Camden Drink

Camden Drink Happy Hours

Camden Market Fruits

Camden Market Bakers


Don’t forget to check out the entertainment on the lock and watch the water levels. A picture doesn’t do this experience justice.

Lake at Camden
P.S. Every time you tip at this bar Justin Bieber dies a little! {I assume unlike the Dominicans, Londoners are disappointed and disgraced by the Beliebers!}

Camden Market Bar
P.S. Last but certainly not least, make this market a breakfast, lunch, or brunch destination. Food is plentiful and smelled ahhhhmazing. Much like Covent Garden Market, we had already eaten and wished we hadn’t.

Camden Dishes
P.S. Let’s go to another London hot spot!

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