The Haute Spot in London: Harrods Market

A Truly Must-See In London – Harrods Market & Best Oyster Bar In London

My favorite part of Harrod’s is the market portion of Harrods Market London! Yes, the food market. This place is a London Haute spot bustling with people doing everything from grocery shopping to having lunch. I must admit, when I walked in I was unbelievably impressed.

The architectural details are off the charts and historic in nature.{Imagine that!}The displays were equally as impressive. Vegetables were stacked to perfection! Nothing was out-of-order, dirty, or unpleasing. Everything marked clearly with signage along with prices on each item. This may not sound like a big deal, but for my fellow retailer friends, you know what this means….great management and a lot of work!!!

Harrods Vegetables

Harrods Fruits

We decided that this was the perfect spot to buy gifts for our Vegas PuTTin’ OuT employees and a little something for Boyd’s co-workers. I mean who gets something from London everyday? Especially from Harrods? Really. Okay, now I’ve officially dug part of my own grave with my friends and family that aren’t in Las Wages. Y’all know I’m TERRIBLE at remembering to ship things!!! Sometimes gifts ‘live’ at my house for months. I once even forgot to send our grandson’s birthday card!{Seriously….my daughters will tell you what a horrible mother I am…..especially when it comes to shipping.}

Harrids Market

After the gathering of the gifts and exploring Harrods, it was lunchtime. We opted to grab a pie, scotch egg, among a few other things for the cab ride to the river boating excursion where we met up with my brother-in-law & sister-in-law. I only tell you this because it’s another tip….

P.S. Don’t buy the food here! It’s tasteless, dry, and a couple of days old. Really! In Harrods. And of course, it’s not the best value. Save your dough, peeps! 


Harrod Interior

Harrods Market London, Best Oyster Bar London

Harrod Market Staff

Harrods Market London, Best Oyster Bar London

Harrod Market Interior

P.S. The cupcakes are best captured in a photo vs. your tummy. They aren’t worth the calories at all! Especially when you’re a southern girl who’s experienced the fresh baked goods for life from my mom & grandmother expecting a cupcake less than two days old. Their famous red velvet cupcakes are dry, and the 8€ beauties equate to about $10 USD. I say take a picture and send a postcard to avoid disappointment. Trust me. I wanted to conclude this experiment by showing you the cupcakes and various flavors (or flavors if you’re Canadian or a proper English reader). See the slide show pics 🙂

Horrod Chocolates

Horrods Market

Harrod Exclusve Chocolate And Almonds

P.S. You’re now looking at expensive three day old tasteless cupcakes!

Harrods Bakers Cup Cakes

Harrods Fresh Baked Goods

Harrods Bakers Rainbow Cake

Harrods Cup Cakes

Harrods Wine Shop

P.S. Make time to explore the wine cellar and even wrap up a bottle of Harrods branded wine for later or to take home as a souvenir. There’s consumable value and after all London is close to the land of the French.{wink. wink.}The wine was great! Not sure how they could really mess that up, but know that your money is well spent in the cellar and on the gift-wrap guys. They’re rather cute too!

Best Oyster Bar In London In Harrods Market London

Harrods Wine

Haroods Wine On Shelves

My husband, Boyd (aka. Chef Boyd to my friends & family) & I love oysters!!! Especially the oysters in the local casino dive in Vegas, Palace Station at their Oyster Bar. So, taste testing the oysters on our second trip to Harrods was a must! I have saved the best for last!!!

P.S. The Oyster Bar at Harrods is our combined favorite of the food section. Chef Boyd is an extreme foodie so is sure to check out his review of the Harrod’s Oyster Bar if it’s up on his blog.

Oyster Bar

Cheers To Harrods

P.S. This Rocks! Read my tips on other departments in Harrods that you should make time to see. Get your cameras and wallets ready!

P.S.S. Click here to find the hours and more information about Harrods Market London.

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The Haute Spot in London: Harrods Market & Best Oyster Bar In London


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