purely patricia fox, Inside the Life of Purely Patricia Fox

purely patricia fox, Inside the Life of Purely Patricia Fox

Photograph by: Susan Portnoy

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There aren’t too many people that will tell 92-year old fashion icon Iris Apfel to “move over…this isn’t about you.” Nope! There’s only one – PURELY PATRICA FOX! And a pure, well-spoken foxy New Yorker she is. Extremely graceful, she surprises listeners when she explodes with hilarious one-liners. Her comical demeanor keeps her friends engaged and audience entertained. The “Purely Patricia” name fits her well.

Photo credit: http://www.advanced.style/2015/04/purely-patricia-fox.html

purely patricia fox, Inside the Life of Purely Patricia Fox

purely patricia fox, Inside the Life of Purely Patricia Fox

Recently, Purely Patricia appeared in a spread in T The New York Times Style Magazine. The publication felt Patricia had earned her right (well, actually left of center) to take the stage next to “New York’s most exotic fashion creatures to compare plumage,” said T.

I had a chance to speak with her about it, and yes, Patricia did tell me that she entered the photo shoot area where Iris Apfel directed everyone to gather around her. And, yes, Iris Apfel did “move over” and shared the spotlight with Purely Patricia.  I presume Iris felt she was “minding her elders” since no one knows how old Purely Patricia is. No, not even me or her best of friends. Patricia firmly foxified the style icon, kindly letting Iris know that this shoot was NOT about her.

purely patricia fox, Inside the Life of Purely Patricia Fox

Picture caption: Photograph by Danielle Levitt for T Magazine; Photographed at the Carlyle, a Rosewood hotel CLOTHES ENCOUNTER From left: Suzanne Golden, Patricia Fox, Lynn Yaeger, Iris Apfel and Tziporah Salamon.

Taking New York streets and its swarm of photographers by storm, and with lens trained on her every twirl, Purely Patricia poses as if it’s for the front cover of Vogue. She’s bright, she’s bold, and she’s colorful – inside and out. Weeks after my encounter with her, I can vouch for her uplifting spirit as I still feel buoyed by her contagious energy. Everyone who meets her has the same reaction, including photographer and author Ari Seth Cohen, who paid homage to her in his Advanced Style” project.

Recently, I had the privilege of having lunch with Patricia in New York. She asked if I would like to meet in a restaurant. I really wanted to get a look inside the legendary Purely Patricia closet, so I gracefully asked to meet in her New York flat. Afterward, I was certainly glad that I did!

purely patricia fox, Inside the Life of Purely Patricia Fox

I ubered directly from JFK Airport to the Purely Patricia private jewel box (aka her New York apartment) and found myself lost in a layered world of details upon hidden details, many humorous and engaging.  The apartment was tastefully decorated with passementarie trimmings, fabulous flea market finds, and decadent dinnerware all assembled in perfect harmony to create a remarkably comfortable and function space. Everything fit perfectly just as a ring nuzzles tightly when placed in a jewelry box ring row. The dinnerware and teacups were custom colored by Patricia and hand-painted by her friend  (NAME OF FRIEND HERE).

purely patricia fox, Inside the Life of Purely Patricia Fox

Every inch was filled with curated treasures; some of them refinished or altered, others left in their original state.

As Patricia served our afternoon tea I simply couldn’t refrain from snapping pictures. I do believe the sound of the camera is becoming rather normal in her world.

purely patricia fox, Inside the Life of Purely Patricia Fox

When I see photos of people I wonder, will they look like plastic in person? Have their photos been so retouched that they may be unrecognizable in real life? Or are they as they appear? When it comes to Purely Patricia Fox – it only gets better! She looks even better than her photos and she’s even more fun than the photos themselves!

Patricia Fox religiously exercises daily, including a Pilates strength training workout, and maintains an alcohol-free diet. She lives near Central Park and frequently walks [her dog?] Ruby Rose. Sadly, I had to decline her offer to join her. New York was brutally cold that day and I was coming from the warm temperatures of Miami, which didn’t help the chill in my bones.

And yes, everyday she dresses for success and as the saying goes, she has never met a stranger. Unless you count a tourist named Tea who is an award-winning filmmaker who is enamored with Patricia and follows here around capturing footage for a documentary – not as a paid assignment, but rather as a hobby. Does that tell you how interesting this truly foxy lady’s life is?

purely patricia fox, Inside the Life of Purely Patricia Fox

Anytime I am around women in the world of high fashion, whether it be meeting the editors of Vogue magazine or an icon like Patricia, my fashion speedometer wants to go 200 mph but my closet slows me down to about 80. My size 11 shoe dilemma, my 36 inch inseam, and 6 foot height simply get in the way at times! Just incase you’re wondering…my husband is grateful for all, especially considering that I can’t wear even the largest size 42 Christian Loubiton! {Thank you Dann Foley for persistently trying to ensure my proper dress as real friends should!}

The night before I met Patricia I knew that I had to go deep into my closet, bringing out the old me – something that would make her at least know that I tried. I can’t say that my red True Religions and Doc Marten Diva high heeled boots – both circa 2010  and my Desigual overlaid pattern black and white herring bone worked out okay in the March chill of New York.

If you enjoyed this story, please tune into the “Trim Queen” show with Jan {insert last name} and Patricia.

And do watch Iris Apfel’s documentary Iris, which was recently released on Netflix to learn more about her. She is a feisty, stylish woman who can be admired for many things including living past 90! Being a lover of documentaries and a wishful fashion whore [eeck!], I watched it in awe. She has a true talent of being a curated hoarder complete with a storage unit in New York that she had been paying storage fees on for years!

Part of me saw in her my mother who recently moved out of her historic home after 25 years and into much smaller confines – thank God! I can’t imagine being Iris’s daughter and cleaning out her space. Fortunately, Patricia is much more organized and detailed than Iris appears. BUT, if you’re 90-something, WHO CARES?

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purely patricia fox, Inside the Life of Purely Patricia Fox
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