21 Questions: Donna Moss, Host of HGTV's Donna Decorates Dallas

21 Questions: Donna Moss, Host of HGTV’s Donna Decorates Dallas

Learn more about Donna Moss the Host of HGTV’s Donna Decorates Dallas

You may know Donna Moss as host of HGTV’s Donna Decorates Dallas, as an in-demand interior designer, as the “Queen of Bling,” or for her philanthropic work with A Wish with Wings. But did you know she’s obsessed with Chinese food and a self-proclaimed “shoeaholic”?

We sat down with Donna for a candid — and sometimes comical — Q&A. The interview, her most personal to date, started with simple questions to warm her up. Then we went after the real scoop on what makes this wonderful woman who she is. Read on.

P.S. This Rocks: When and where were you born and raised?

Donna Moss: I was born in Michigan on August 24th of a year I won’t mention. I was raised in the Hoosier State of Indiana.

PSTR: What’s your favorite color?

DM: Glitter! OK, that’s not a color. But it can be very colorful.

PSTR: What’s your favorite print?

DM: Paisley. It’s so pretty and works in every color.

PSTR: Pick a sweet and savory flavor

DM: Mint+chocolate and tart cherry. Yum!

PSTR: What one meal could you eat for the rest of your life?

DM: Lobster and sautéed mushrooms. Can we stop this interview to go get some?

PSTR: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

DM: Laguna Beach, California. Sun, surf, sand, and awesome people. What’s not to love?

PSTR: What’s your favorite cocktail?

DM: Overall, a Lemon Drop Martini. But it depends on where I am. In Texas, you can’t beat a Frozen Berry Mojito. When I’m in the Big Apple, I love a Cosmopolitan!

PSTR: What’s your favorite book?

DM: The Bible. It’s a constant source of reassurance and inspiration.

PSTR: What’s your favorite food?

DM: Chinese food. Or hamburgers. After I came back from a recent trip to China, I got — of all things — Chinese! There’s nothing like Chinese food in America.

PSTR: What cheers you up?

DM: When I need to lift my spirits, I go right for a big bowl of chocolate mint ice cream!

PSTR: What are some questions you hate being asked? (Hopefully this isn’t one of them!)

DM: Besides my age, people ask me if I have a design degree. I am proud to be totally self-taught. There’s so much to be said for learning by trial and error. Thankfully most of the “error” is behind me!

PSTR: What did you do on your last birthday?

DM: I probably went to a Chinese restaurant! I actually think we went to LA last year. We can look it up on Facebook. What a great tool for looking back at the fun stuff in your life!

PSTR: What is your biggest pet peeve?

DM: Working in the heat. I just try not to do it. We did a couple of outdoor projects for the show and I was miserable. If I’m going to be outside, I want to be by a pool with a Mojito in my hand!

PSTR: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

DM: I love it when my husband tells me I look great and “I love you just the way you are.” And once somebody came up to me and said I was a “designing, decorating genius.” I tell you what… that made my day!

PSTR: If you could witness anything in history, what would it be?

DM: I would love to see life in medieval times! To witness a castle being built, in Germany or France would be incredible. I know how we build houses today, but I can’t comprehend how the castles were built! I don’t know that many people can. Truly miraculous!

PSTR: What’s your craziest memory from HGTV?

DM: One time I was working with my daughters, and I was driving a van with the crew in the back. Well, I’m not a great driver and I accidentally put the van in a ditch in the middle of nowhere. The crew had to work really hard to get that thing unstuck. It was embarrassing at the time, but we all laugh about it now.

PSTR: What is the last lie you told?

DM: It was to my loving husband Paul when I bought a new pair of leopard print high heels! My little lies are usually about new shoes. My white lies always start like, “Of course these are not brand new shoes. I got them out of our other closet.” A store is like a big closet, right?!

PSTR: If you could change your name, what would it be?

DM: Funny you should ask, as I hate my first name, so I would love to change it! My middle name is Janelle, so when I was in high school, I sorta changed it to Jean, but I didn’t like that either. I guess I would probably be Taylor. Of course, I’ve always loved my sister’s name, Dawn. I have a thing about names. Back in the hippie days, I thought I might like to name my baby Charisma. But when I had her, I was like, “No way!” I think she’s glad to have a more normal name like Tiffany.

PSTR: If you wrote your autobiography, what would you title it?

DM: I think it would be: “Addicted to Chaos.” I love having 30 things going on at the same time. So I think that would describe me pretty well.















There you have it… the Queen of Bling in her own words! She’s an amazingly talented and warm-hearted woman, and we thank her for sharing a little bit about herself.

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I’m Christi Tasker, serial globetrotter, product & interior designer, Glamma Gaga, NBC social media correspondent, podcaster, freedom fighter, brand & business consultant, entrepreneur's best friend, artist & multi-business owner.


Christi Tasker

I’m Christi Tasker, serial globetrotter, product & interior designer, Glamma Gaga, NBC social media correspondent, podcaster, freedom fighter, brand & business consultant, entrepreneur's best friend, artist & multi-business owner.

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