Protect your wallet as they protect the Queen of England: Buckingham Palace

The Guard At Buckingham Palace Security

Almost four years ago I met my now husband who is die-hard British although he’s lived in America longer than he ever did Great Britain. Let’s just say: Once British always British! As Americans we are much in the same to an extent, but no where near the extent of the British.

Upon meeting my new in-laws my father-in-law, John Tasker proceeded to quiz me on British culture which I knew NOTHING about other than we dumped their tea off and celebrate Thanksgiving in honor.

He was a former guard on the Queen’s Guard. At the time all I knew was they had pretty uniforms and served the Queen of England therefore I was already impressed. In British society this one of the biggest deals there is! His response, “Did you see the changing of the guards?” Disappointing him with my less than perfect answer of “no” I promised to see on on my first real trip to London. At the time I hadn’t even been to London other than through the airport!

Queen Guard

I did make good on my promise on first trip to London and couldn’t be happier that I did. Growing up in America I’ve always admired Buckingham Palace and what it meant to British society. Before this experience I thought it would be a White House experience, but it wasn’t….it was a lot more than that unless you happen to be at the White House when the president is coming in or leaving.

I must say, I could watch the changing of the guards again and again. Needless to say, it’s an event that everyone should see at least once. In my case, I hope to play tour-guide either in person or virtually to my Southern family and friends. So here goes…..

6 Tips: Get the most out of Buckingham Palace – Changing of the Guards

1. Check updated schedules and arrive at least an hour prior to the changing of the guards. Once the change begins the police keep the crowds under control and in their specific area to watch. This photo was taken about an 45-minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the changing of the guards.

Click here to see the updated schedule.

Hourse Guards London Riding
Hourse guards london riding

2. Watch your wallets. These officers are there shouting, “Watch your wallets and belongings!!! There are pickpockets among you!!! Watch your wallets and belongings!!! There are pickpockets among you!!!” Trust me, you’re packed in the can of sardines as if the scales are broken. My advice is that you carry your cell phones Southern style: in your bra! Or of course hold on to them in your hand if you’re snapping pictures. I always carry a crossover purse and always keep it in the front and most often under a jacket.

Queen Hourse Guard

London Queen Lion Gate

Notice the every stitch on the flags and the pristineness of the palace as a whole.

Flag On Queen Palace

4. Make a challenge to get the attention of a guardsman. It didn’t work with this one….not yet anyway. It did happen later. There were some gals that were super determined to make this guy smile….and it worked.

Queen Life Guards

Stroll Around Buckingham Palace

Lion Statue At Buckingham Palace

The march seems to go on and on and on and on. At times I wished I had counted how many times they went back and forth with the march.

Guards Parade At London Palace

5. And then…..these guys are musically talented too! Make room on your phone cameras or take a separate video camera.

Position To Take Perfect Shot
Position to take perfect shot

6. Get your arms and shoulders in shape if you have kids….this is the only way they’ll be able to see what’s happening. I must admit I have no idea who this kid is but I thoroughly enjoyed watching his expressions during the action. He smiles were priceless. And note: he was about 4 years old and videoing the entire event!!!

London Guard With Flute

During this part of the march it was as if they were dancing towards each other. It was really remarkable how on cue these guys are from guns to musical instruments. The New York City Rockettes should meet these Brits! I’m sure they could create a dance like no other.

London Guards March
London guards march

London Guards Ready To March

London Guards Marchig

Queens Guards Band

Queens Guards Band Playing Notes

7.  Yes, I’m infatuated with their uniforms. I could only wish my father-in-law had kept his! Oh! The things in life that could be life’s little treasures. Be sure to check out the details and then you must go to a local market and hold a jacket. There are lots of vintage stores that sell the vintage uniforms.

Buckingham Guard With Horn

Queen Band Prade

Hourse Guards Prade
Hourse guards prade

Buckingham Palace London

Cute Couple Christi And Boyd

Wishing you all a fab trip to London one day soon if it’s on your bucket list. If not, thanks for letting us share this little moment with you.
P.S.Click here to add another check to the bucket list….let’s go to the Eye of London!

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Protect your wallet as they protect the Queen of England: Buckingham Palace


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