Harrods of London: A shopper’s paradise & then some

Harrods London: A shopper’s paradise & then some

Map Of London

Oh my! Where do I begin with this 4.5-acre shopaholic’s kingdom? Okay,I do know! Grab a map so that you don’t miss an important square inch or just incase you get lost!

Considering I’m not into spending millions on a wardrobe or furnishing my London apartment (although I do wish I had one to miss an important square inch or just incase you get lost!

Considering I’m not into spending millions on a wardrobe or furnishing my London apartment (although I do wish I had one to

In my past life, I was an interior designer and today my social media company services a lot of designer and retail stores similar to the one I owned. Naturally I gravitated toward the designer home furnishings section of Harrods. There Boyd and I found the manager of Timothy Olson asking if we wanted champagne. {Duhhh…..we are minding our manners in the presence of the English so how could we decline?}

Retailing 101 from the book of Christi: Giving shoppers alcohol will cause increased sales. Music is 102 and Timothy Olson had both including 103….a fab fresh display of home furnishings! Now let’s shop….

Timothy Ollton
London Apartment

I loved how they used stacked books to cover and bring attention to what was an ugly column. Fortunately there are support beams in every building but they can be a designer’s worst nightmare. As my friend Dann Foley says, “Draw attention to the ugly! Make it the focal point!” Timothy must agree Dann…

Pillar Of Books
Pillar Of Book In Harrods Room

Next, I just wanted to give you a sense of the clean classic style that Londoners are after….love it!

Harrods Furniture

Harrods Furniture Paradise

Harrods Interiors

And while you’re shopping, be sure to take your perro for a groom! No nasty dogs here! My Bentley would be in dog heaven to say the least. He did get the only thing that we bought in Harrods aside from our food purchases. He got a collar!!! Yes, I know you’re wondering how much it cost….a whole 9 pounds!

Dogs Shop

Here’s one unexpected find in the big city of London…..an equestrian center full of spectacular riding gear!!! I know a few people that could spend a life pension in this section alone.

Spectacular Riding Gear
I’m not sure if Nike has detailed displays like this everywhere but I did take notice of this one completely created with lucite, shoes, and shoe strings. It was awesome in person and could get your creative wheels turning for your next retail display.

Fit To Fly

Lastly, I was extremely impressed with the vast amount of technology in Harrods that didn’t look a thing like products in our local television stores like Best Buy. Take a look at this designer’s dream! Look mom no television!!! It’s a television built into a floor length mirror! You can’t even tell there’s a TV there until it’s on. When off it’s simply a floor mirror.

Designers Dream

P.S. Walk with me to my favorite part of Harrods….the market!

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