Soon after arriving in the United Kingdom (U.K.) my hubby, Boyd attempted to check his email and phone messages. Considering we’re both always ON, or sleeping, being without one of his two phones isn’t really an option. Therefore we had no choice but to visit an Apple store to get him connected on the European wire. Being that I still needed shoes at this point, and Boyd’s brother, Grieg suggested we experience his favorite restaurant for lunch, Clos Maggiore, we were eastbound and out to Covent Garden Market.

Clos Maggiore, Relax & Enjoy Eats in the Clos Maggiore Conservatory

One thing that I noticed during lunch was that even though it was obvious most folks were on their ‘lunch hour’ {or maybe two hours in their case} no one was in a hurry and better yet, there was either beer or wine on every table! And check! I’m not at McDonald’s {I hate that place} but I’m lovin’ it!

No wonder I love Europeans!?!?! Great style, awesome atmosphere, and they know how to relax. I’m thinking I could learn a thing or two. No, I’m not an alcoholic, nor do I need or have to drink wine, beer, or a cocktail at each meal. It’s just nice to be out of the face of judgement for what my fellow southerners sometimes dub as ‘wrong’. {To this day, I’m not sure who made southeastern U.S. rules.}

Not only was the food and wine great at Clos Maggiore,but the bathrooms were beautiful too. Being a former interior designer and once a mom of a 7 year-old that insisted she must try out every potty in New York City, I tend to admire and appreciate a nice ladies room in a congested city.

Clos Maggiore, Relax & Enjoy Eats in the Clos Maggiore Conservatory

Also notice how the details of the orchids on their menus and the real live flowers throughout the restaurant just happen to be orchids…just like the orchids on the menu! Same hue, shade, and species! I realize that very few people probably notice small details such as this. The branding side of me can’t help but notice!!

Clos Maggiore, Relax & Enjoy Eats in the Clos Maggiore Conservatory

Now that I’ve shown you the best place to eat near Covent Garden Market, let’s go there! Who knows?!? You may enjoy the vibe in the not so traditional conservatory there!


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