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So what is Art Basel?

Along with the snowbirds, during December, roughly one week after Thanksgiving, art lovers flock to Miami to enjoy exhibitions where more than 4,000 artists exhibit work. From Miami Beach to South Beach to Wynwood Arts District (where I live) attracts collectors and curators from over 100 countries. The Americas and Asia are strongly represented within the 291 galleries from 35 countries who all reported strong 2017 Art Basel sales. {Thankfully.}

Why do they come to Art Basel?

They travel from across the globe to buy and sell art.  An unspeakable amount of private collectors and their curators attend. More than 300 museums and institutions also discover new artisans or meet up with artists they may be considering featuring.

Where is Art Basel hosted?

The primary exhibit called Art Basel Miami is hosted at Miami Beach Convention Center along with Venice Biennale, Documenta 14 and Skulptur Projekte Münster, with film and surrounding smaller shows which include Context, Scope, Art Miami, Design Miami, Wynwood Lab hosted at Casa Wynwood + many more all of which occupy every square inch of Miami, it’s streets, beaches, much it if overflowing to Miami’s infamous Wynwood Art District. Some of the shows are in permanent buildings and others are in very large white tents.

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Who funds this chaos of fun?

Art Basel is sponsored by major brands such as UBS and BMW. Almost every brand trying to reach social media influencers or brands that are looking to collaborate with artists are also present. The main Art Basel show alone attracted a record attendance of 95,000 and once again proving Miami as a pivotal International meeting point for artists and collectors around the globe. Rumor has it that more private jets fly into Miami during Art Basel than any other time of year.

What is the correct pronunciation of “Art Basel”?

Just remember, no matter what your neighbor tells you or what you’ve heard….Art Basel is NOT an herb aka. a basil plant. Art Basel is pronounced “B-ahhhh-ssss-el. Think of a sheep going “bahhhhh…..” and please help your friends that say “BA-sil”.

So what is it like living in Art Basel land?

I live in Miami and it’s ART BASEL MIAMI time! I live where most vacation, in a place where Thanksgiving means more time for creating ART and WYNWOOD WALLS. A place where snowbirds fly for the winter and for the most part where the temperature remains in the high 70’s or low 80’s in December. Like most of the world, by the time December rolls around, my mindset begins to change and one part of my brain tries to shut down and enjoy the holidays, but the holidays don’t just consist of Hannukah and Christmas and New Years.

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To most, Art Basel Miami just happens or they show up to look at the beautiful art. To Miamians, we live, eat, breathe, and sleep art at least the month prior. I must admit, it is rather scary to see the tents going up at the very last minute of the last hour. Tents begin to go up everywhere on Miami Beach and in Wynwood Arts District, where Chef Boyd and I reside and where Casa Wynwood, the club we co-founded is.

As you may have heard, artists are creative. They are NOT planners for the most part. And the energy of Art Basel will always inspire them to do more, more, more. So many of them (and us) come together to collaborate. And somehow in a blink of an eye….they/we do make it happen! This is not saying that all artists are last minute creatures of nature, I am just saying that some of the artists that I know are super talented at working 20 hours a day two weeks before Art Basel to make MAGIC. And this Art Basel, I had set aside time to become ONE of them 🙂

As a traveler or designer, why should you care about it?

Well, if you’re not an art lover, or don’t care about culture, inspiration or design….you shouldn’t and you should steer clear of Miami Beach and the exorbitant prices and lack of hotel options between Thanksgiving and mid-December. Designers, Art Basel is a dream come true for inspiration and connecting with real artists. Travelers, you’ll simply love the event experiences and multi-cultural connectivity.

Why do I love Art Basel and Miami during December?

Aside from the awesome weather, I walk away from Art Basel totally inspired to create and collaborate with others. I enjoy meeting other artists who create. And the opportunities to showcase work are endless. Just in case you missed it on my Instagram…Loews Hotel invited my friend Silvana, the owner and fashion designer from Antigua Collection to showcase my MOOD SWINGS in the lobby of Loews Hotel during Art Basel!!!!

I’ll share more of MY-ami in the upcoming days….I have lots of photos and videos that I think you’ll find interesting. Please leave a comment for the encouragement 🙂 And whatever you do, stand by….well, actually sit even though the inspiring art and home furnishings that I discovered at Art Basel are worth a standing ovation.




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