Inside My Nail Art Inspiration, Painted by Vegas & Miami Nail Artists

My beauty regimen, when I have one, honestly involves very little. However, when I’m in Las Vegas, getting my nails done is a form of relaxation. As I head west, I immediately began to think about what is motivating me. Or what presentations I will be making in the upcoming weeks. Or sometimes my nail art inspiration comes from countries I will be traveling to next. Annie Pham, nail artist and salon owner is my text when planning to head back to Sin City aka. Las Wages. I mean Las Vegas.

Annie brings my nail art inspiration to life! As a trained artist, Annie freehands fabric patterns, logos, or anything else my imagination can conjure up. My hands go in and out of the gel curing light faster than greased lightning. All of the designs except for my most recent two from my local hood in Midtown Miami nail salon are the handiwork of Annie’s amazing skills.

1. The “eye of the tiger” nail art inspiration.

Originally taken from one of the Kardashians, I asked Annie to enhance it with glitter eyes. Sometimes we go pink glitter, other times, gold glitter.

Jason WU

Nail Art Inspiration 1

2. The playing card & NFL Atlanta Falcon nail art inspiration.

I concocted because I was in Vegas during the Superbowl. My Atlanta Falcons were playing Greenbay. Everyone was laying down their bets, and I showed my support by “betting on the Falcons” with my nails… playing cards on every finger, starting with the two of clubs and alternating hearts until reaching the five of hearts. My thumbs changed to an ace of spades on one thumb and the #ATL Falcons #DirtyBird logo on the other.

Nail Art Inspiration 2
Nail Art Inspiration 3
Nail Art Inspiration 4
Nail Art Inspiration 5

Atlanta Falcons NFL Superbowl Nail Art Inspiration
Nail Art Inspiration 6
Nail Art Inspiration 7
Nail Art Inspiration 8

Photos were taken in Times Square, New York, Wynwood, Miami at Wynwood Walls, Wynwood Lab, and Coyo Taco.

3. Thumbs Up Facebook Nail Art Inspiration.

In honor of visiting Facebook headquarters for my real job before going to Palo Alto to Facebook’s headquarters.  I asked Annie to draw the Facebook LIKE or thumbs up on my thumb so that I could thumbs up things that I liked such as this awesome San Francisco sushi restaurant called PABU.

Nail Art Inspiration 9
And Miette, one of my favorite San Francisco bakeries. Notice: I did say ONE! LOL.

Nail Art Inspiration 10
And these awesome Chanel shoes at the Las Vegas Chanel store in the Bellagio which is one of my favorites. Fortunately for my incredible husband Boyd, Chanel shoes top out at a 41 and I wear a 42!

Nail Art Inspiration 11
4. U.S. Tennis Open | Wimbledon Nail Art Inspiration.

For the U.S. Open in New York, a tennis racquet painted on my thumbnail was a must!  Please disregard the chip in my nail here… all my fault… I was actually helping a friend of mine during the U.S. Open so it was all work and very little play! No pun intended.

Nail Art Inspiration 12
Nail Art Inspiration 13
5. Peppermint Pinwheels, Swirls, & Stripes | Christmas Nail Art Inspiration

Christmas and other holidays are no different! I love to have my nails coordinate with holidays, special occasions, for events, or with what I’m wearing or simply to make a bold statement.

Nail Art Inspiration 14
Peppermint swirl and straight peppermint nail design by Annie at Lex Lounge aka Alexa’s Nail Bar in the Summerlin neighborhood of Las Vegas, Nevada. Shoes are Nine West with red patent leather and gold metal toes and giraffe cowskin hide from Fashion Show, Las Vegas Nine West.

Nail Art Inspiration 15
Nail Art Inspiration 16
6. Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana or PuTTin’ OuT Polkadot | Nail Art Inspiration

And really, no matter what time of year it is… I love PuTTin’ OuT a polka dot pattern on my toes. I guess that’s because it’s the first pattern we had as Ambiance gift wrap. It’s also an iconic, fashionable design that was first used in the 1800s and has withstood the test of time. From Chanel to Dolce & Gabbana, every major French fashion house has something polka dot in their line almost every season. Even American companies like Nike get in on the polka dot action. That made it an easy decision for the Ambiance packaging. I even drive Dottie the polka-dotted Hummer when I’m not Ubering. And it’s a clear no-brainer as it coordinates with everything in my wardrobe and is an extension of my personal branding.

Nail Art Inspiration 17
Nail Art Inspiration 18

7. Classic French Manicure | Nail Art Inspiration

A French manicure is always in style!
It’s true… if I always agreed with you or anyone else who suggested I tone down my nails, we’d both always be wrong. I do sometimes, upon request from my husband, get a French manicure.

8. She’s a Bad Muthafudda | My Favorite OPI Color of Coral Nail Art Inspiration

However, there’s no better way to show off my favorite OPI color called She’s a Bad Mutherfudda than your thumbnail while boarding a Southwest Airlines flight with Wi-Fi while holding a Starbucks grande iced coffee with two raw sugars and half & half. I must admit, I remember the name of this color for two reasons: 1) I thought “She’s a Bad Muthafudda” originally said “She’s a bad Mother fu-ker,” and 2) because one of my favorite off-color exclamations in the world starts with F and ends with K!

See, here’s a polka-dotted Dolce & Gabbana credit card holder gifted to me by my sista from anotha mista, Erinn V. She’s a bad mother fuddaduddah that you should follow if you don’t already.


Photo taken at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport – Dolce & Gabbana Polka Dot Card Holder

Aside from the Kardashian nail art inspiration, the tiger happens to match a wall here at a Miami coffee roaster called Panther Coffee. I love their cappuccino or when I’m in Las Vegas I also love several shops there from The Beat to Inspire to Makers & Finders – all in downtown Las Vegas.

And I have two newfound loves. The first is my new flamingo nail art, the other is Serendipity Ice Cream parlor complete with flamingo wallpaper and located just a block from my Miami

9. Stand Out Like a Flamingo in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District

When I’m in Miami, Flamingo’s are always a favorite. My nail art inspiration is like a flamingo in a flock of pigeon nails.

10. British U.K. Union Jack Flag | Nail Art Inspiration

And last but certainly not least, as a reminder that I give the Brits a thumbs up — especially considering I’m married to one — the Union Jack is often the nail art of choice on my toes or fingers. A little secret: When I first met Boyd I was inspired by the Union Jack. I must have gotten this design at least a dozen times before I switched. When I did switch, Boyd thought I was mad at him.

11. American Flag Nail Art Inspiration

And who knows when I might need to text an American friend asking which 24/7 lip liner I should go with? Phone Call – Cruel – Manic? It’s the land of the free, home of the brave. Be bold and take all three.


For my friends abroad, not all Americans do this whole nail art thing! However, I love the look, the feel and the way it lets me express myself. You can bet that Annie is one of the first calls I make when I know I’m headed back to Sin City!

12. REAL Gucci Nail Art Inspiration

Being inspired by Trevor “Trouble” Andrew, aka “GucciGhost” which is the artist that went around spray painting Gucci logos all over New York. Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michelle eventually invited Trouble to do a REAL collection alongside several other artists. Here is my take on Trevor Andrew’s work combined with Gucci classics.

Christi Tasker in Las Vegas with Gucci #Nailedit Nail Art with Ralph Lauren Cork handbag purse available at Macy's department store

Check out the full fashion post re: the Gucci Nails.

13. 3-D Rose Nail Art Inspiration Design

I will only be cheating on Annie when I’m at my home in Midtown Miami, fortunately, the new nail bar called Venetian Nail Spa has opened less than a half mile from Casa Wynwood where I work in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami. Here is the phenomenal work of Long and no I didn’t say Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles but I was thinking it as Long was laying on the magic of my chrome mirrored nails. And yes, he did freehand this 3-D flower out of acrylic on top of the chrome. And the other thumb is all foil overlays.

14. Do you know a nail artist that #NailedIt?

Comment their name and city, and if you have it, include a link to their Instagram below. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to get notified of new posts. Looking forward to seeing your awesome nail designs too! Use the hashtag #LIFEISATRIP and mention @PSthisRocks and we’ll repost some of your favorite nail art.

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