What is the Dominican Republic flag?

, The Unique Thing About Dominican Republic Flag & Why I Wanted It On My Wedding Cake

What is unique about the Dominican Republic flag?

The Dominican Republic is the only country in the world to have an image of the Holy Bible on its national flag. Yes, it’s true! The national flag is formatted blue-red-blue-red with a white central cross. When used for official purposes, it includes the coat of arms with a Bible in the flag.

What is the only country to feature a Bible on its flag?

The Dominican Republic is the only country in the world with a Bible in its flag.

Is there a Bible in the Dominican Republic flag?

The coat of arms incorporates on its central shield the national flag, a Bible, and a cross, together with branches of laurel and palm, the name of the country, and the motto “Dios, patria, libertad” (“God, fatherland, liberty”). With some artistic variations, the flag has continued in use to the present day.


Why did I learn about the Dominican Republic flag?

I learned all of this when Boyd and I were planning our Dominican Republic wedding.

What is the meaning of the Dominican Republic flag?

The flag of the Dominican Republic represents the Dominican Republic and, together with the coat of arms and the national anthem, has the status of a national symbol. The blue on the flag stands for liberty, the white for salvation, and the red for the blood of heroes. … The flag was designed by Juan Pablo Duarte.

Copy & Paste The Dominican Republic Flag Emoji

🇩🇴 Flag: Dominican Republic Emoji

Unicode details for Flag: Dominican Republic (🇩🇴) emoji.
CodepointsU+1F1E9, U+1F1F4
DescriptionThe flag for Dominican Republic, which… read more
Shortcodes:dominican_republic:, :flag-do:, :flag_dominican_republic:


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