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Behind The Don’t Shush Me Club

WARNING: Don’t Shush Me. For those who try to control my words:  it may not work. Especially on International Women’s Day or any other day. It won’t work at all, especially knowing there is an entire movement around this phenomenon that began in Los Angeles in the Spring of 2018.  Now it has traveled to my old neighborhood of Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Florida. I posted the photos on Instagram and several people DM’d me (aka. Direct Messaged me) asking where to get the shirts and other parts of my outfit but first, you have to hear my “Don’t Shush Me” rant! Well, you don’t have to….you could quit reading, but PLEASE don’t. Daily, I am forced shushed by non-disclosure agreements (aka. NDAs) in my normal role as CEO of PuTTin’ OuT and Tasker Agency. Outside of work, there’s not a lot that can shush me. As a female entrepreneur, mom, wife, step-sister, cousin, granddaughter, and daughter, there’s been a lot of index fingers in front of lips making the signal, but few have kept words from flowing from my Chanel no. 99 lips without being in NDA land. Does that mean I am a loudmouth? A gossiper? I don’t think so! Not at all. I have something to say that I THINK you need to hear no matter what day of the year it may be.

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How Many Words The Sexes Speak Per Day

In the past, studies have shown that women used to speak almost three times more words per day than men. A recent Science report puts that theory and those old statistics that stated women speak 20,000 words per day compared to men speaking only 7,000 words per day to rest. Today, the Science report playing field is even and so should our ability to be heard. For years my Aunt Paula has said that my Uncle Mark “has used up his words for the day.” I guess now that means he too can say more. Sorry, Aunt Paula! Take it away, Uncle Mark! {They are both going to try to shush me over that one.}

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I don’t know about you, but I am aware that I have a lot to say. Poor Boyd has to hear it ALL. And yes, even he often tries to shush me. Now, I only remind him, “Don’t Shush Me.” And I wear the shirt to warn him.

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

How Don’t Shush Me Movement Changed Me

Needless to say, because of this Don’t Shush Me Movement, I am no longer embarrassed to tell people not to shush me or anyone else. I do not even think twice about wearing this shirt. I will make my voice heard otherwise people can leave the room—city-state—-country—world!  I think we all deserve the opportunity to be heard. Race, religion, gender, status, job nor anything else should come into play. If you can work hard, you can play hard. If you think, talk. Speaking causes action. Look at the #Metoo movement.

Shushing = Disrespectful | International Women’s Day or Anyday of The Year

In my new Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers, I will stand my ground and face the world, and I refuse to be shushed. Does that mean I am disrespectful about it? Or that this permits me to speak out of turn? No! Not in any way, shape, or form. If I did not think my thoughts were valuable, I would not open my mouth. Does that mean everything I say is GOLD? Absolutely not! Just most of the time. I am just kidding. Haha. Someone out there needs to hear what I have to say. I’m sure of it. #Youtoo?

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Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes Ever = Adidas CloudFoam

For those of you asking on social media, yet these shoes are the best 40ish dollars you can spend! Your feet will thank you for them. When I first slipped these shoes my feet, I knew immediately WHY Adidas called them “CloudFoam”, but for those of you who know me well, you know I love me a good deal. Not only are these the most comfortable shoes on Earth, but they are only $44!!!! And they are cool! I mean at age 42 not only do I need to be able to speak my mind, but I also need to wear comfy shoes and keep up with the kiddos! Click here if you want to see the Adidas Cloud Foam deals.

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

Designer, Blogger, Fashion, Design, Travel

Comment below and tag ROCKSTAR women that you admire. Thanks in advance for your comments and for sharing the love of women everywhere. Female rights have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. Much love ROCKSTARS!  Christi

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