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I'm Christi Tasker,
serial globetrotter, world-renowned entrepreneur, designer & founder of P.S. This Rocks. I spend more than 50% of my life traveling for clients & pure unedited, most of the time unplanned research & entertainment.

Based in Miami, Florida, my husband Boyd and I consider anywhere in the world to be less than 24 hours away. Stressing over travel only occurs when all of the flights are booked if we’re on the way to the airport. 

Being a manufacturer of my CHRISTI TASKER products, my passport is the thickest available, stamped with hundreds of stamps. I have been to many places throughout the world, even China where I have seen communism firsthand. Today I strive to keep it away from America and, most importantly my local district. 

I love to travel to designer tradeshows, art fairs, events, and openings to help people and brands succeed. I also discover people and products for my brands on every journey. 

Keep scrolling to read how Boyd & I met and our pups.

As an interior designer with my own Atlanta-based design firm, in 1999, I began traveling globally to source custom handmade products

Pioneer DESIGN INFLUENCERS turned travel bloggers

I grew up traveling to craft shows in the 1980s. My mom was in every famous juried craft show throughout the US. By age 9, I began recycling my old jeans into jewelry. 

Then, mom unintentionally started an interior design business. That too was a HUGE success! Soon after getting fired from my two day a week after pregnancy banking job, I joined my mother in her interior design business. My first tasks were product sourcing. At the time, I had no idea it was called "sourcing,"  nor did I know I was a "buyer." That's a whole 'nother story. That led to a complete career in design & manufacturing. I won't bore you too much with that here. 


Stand out like
a flamingo in a
flock of pigeons.

Then one day, while speaking at a conference in Palm Springs California, I met this British gentleman who had me at a mojito.

My husband Boyd and I travel with our furbabies @TravelingPoodles

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The furbabies definitely made my mother-in-love smile until she passed away in 2021. It was a rough year. At the almost ripe age of 90, she always asked about Bentley and referenced her beloved Sophie. Boyd had named the majority of his other pets Sophie in their memory. That was all until he wanted to name our oldest furson "Frosty" while living in Las Vegas. 

Both the vet and the groomer simultaneously convinced me to rename him. Boyd and Macy settled on Bentley. We said he was the only Bentley we'd ever own. Mostly because we think Bentley's are cheaply made, overpriced vehicles. And if you're wealthy enough to own one - why not go for the Rolls Royce?

Our next furson was purchased in 2021 in honor of my mother-in-law. Knowing Boyd and his mother's love for dogs, I thought there was not a better time to re-check the plandemic poodles availability. Like everyone else, Boyd had wanted me to find a second fur son. Really - he's always afraid Bentley will die, and we'll be without a dog. 

In 2011, for Christmas, we rescued our first little furlove, Bentley the original @TravelingPoodle. He was only a few months old when Boyd and I had to travel at the same time. He was enrolled in Camp Bow Wow Las Vegas where they loved him. He just never grew to love them. Evidently, he longed to travel with mom and dad because he a never lost his appetite and adapted to the life of travel.

Then we discovered Bentley made an awesome certified ESA dog so onto his certificate and on his first flight we went.

Top: Bentley checking in at our Venice Hotel after attending the Italian Art Show in Florence.  Below: Our newest furbaby Aston Martin my deceased furbaby Bella in the polkadot giftwrap from ChristiTasker.com

In 2020, despite not saying a word his account with over 18k followers was removed from Instagram during the first censorship purge. His videos and photos with people globally went along with it. Sadly, it was one of the things that made people smile. 

Stay calm &

be colorful.




I always travel with a carry-on filled with forgivable stretch clothing styled with great jackets, blazers, & awesome conversational earrings. It pays off in upgrades. 


Traveling more than 50% of the year, I chose to get on a plane and go to Asia from January 2020 - March 2020. [Most eye-opening trip of my life.] 


Boyd proposed to me in a castle on a Dominican Republic mountaintop. Later we married in the D.R. where my wedding cake design was lost in translation.


Good travel plans always include time to walk, talk with locals, and learn about surrounding culture, history & even politics.

Do unto others as you

would have them do unto you. 


My Lifestyle Quiz

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?



4. Your HUSBAND is:

my hunk, rock & rockstar



Gin + tonic w/ smoked rosemary + lavender oil



help people discover truth



not falling victim to

propaganda & having the

faith of a mustard seed

Love is patient.

Love is kind.

It does not envy;

it does not boast;

it is not proud.

Want to know more about me?

Let's get this flashback party started...


In 1990, I won a Best of Atlanta Modeling Scholarship to John Casablancas and shortly began modeling for Elite New York modeling the first ever clothing line for L.A. Gear

I played basketball but hated to run in practice. I still save my energy for the championship plays. Why waste energy practicing when you can just plan for the perfect shot? JK. 

At age 14, I begged my way to work at the most famous clothing store in the mall. Remember IOU? Merry Go Round? Well, I worked at DJs for three years during High School. I became assistant manager then was recruited by County Seat the Jean Store. 

During my senior year of High School, I conceptualized the "Red Neck Float," complete with a bucking bull for homecoming because the other floats were too boring and didn't have entertainment. 


stay at home turned business owner

How I became a commercial real estate developer, interior designer & product sourcer

I grew up with two entrepreneurs and a banker grandmother that thought being an entrepreneur meant "you can't get a job". 

About six months into the interior design business, I began sourcing products using internet technology & the telephone.  The City of Suwanee refused to renew our home-based business license. We had too much traffic for a home-based business. 

With my online and by-phone wholesale sourcing abilities we began using her driveway as a receiving warehouse. Shortly after that, the City of Suwanee refused to renew our business license citing us with too much traffic coming and going for a home-based business.


Yep! I'm a bicentennial babe

Growing up with two Korean War cousins, I love being the boss, riding horses, cows & four-wheelers, the smell of rice, anything sweet to eat. Just don't ask me to share anything but social media posts & good stories. Sharing candy and food was never my strong suit. Read my mom's story of me & the EXaLax. 

My little love was born


ways to raise kids to be successful adults, Macy Elizabeth Tullis Fortner

In 1995, I was working at First National Bank of Gainesville as a commercial teller and was married, not barefoot and pregnant with this little grinning baby girl. 

Nine months after I gave birth, I was bored and losing my mind staying at home, so I went back to work at the bank as a two-day-a-week commercial drive-through teller.

About 12 months after working two days a week, I was approved for two days of unpaid vacation for a family trip to Disney World. Two days before the trip I was told they revoked the vacation time, but I went anyway. Fired for insubordination, my mother got her wish - I joined her in her interior design business. 


second location

yacht haven grande usvi charlotte amali

Our Suwanee, Georgia store was so successful, we almost opened a location at Yacht Haven Grande in Charlotte Amali, USVI. 

While traveling globally in 2020, I realized the pandemic was a PLANdemic. So I started PatriotsPerspective.com to share facts that my friends at mainstream media were not allowed to report.

design rockstar, design rockstars, score mentor, CHRISTI ARTS AWARDS

Our store received the ARTS Award in 2009 & 2010 for Best Home Accents Store. 

My mom and I won a lot of interior design awards including Best of Atlanta, ELLE DECOR A-List,  Gwinnett Magazine, & More. 


Award Winner

Between 2008-2012, I was pitching softwares and technology to almost every VC in Silicon Valley. 

Engaged & wrote first book


Engaged in 2011 in a castle on a Dominican Republic mountain top.

Macy and I adopted Traveling Poodle from the Sahara Ave. McDonald’s parking lot. 

Wrote the book Power of Pinterest & became NBC News Social Media correspondent for small businesses.

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Moved to Miami

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Founded Casa Wynwood & Wynwood Lab

Casa-Wynwood-Founders, Christi, Boyd, Tasker, b.pila, outdoor furniture, miami interior designer, david font, landscape designer, casa wynwood, wynwood lab, elle decor designer

Shortly after visiting the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, I flew to New York with the idea to start Wynwood Lab and Casa Wynwood. I left with multiple sponsors and the brands quickly became a global household name even though I didn’t know what either would become. 

CASA Wynwood, our experiential marketing venue located in the heart of Wynwood Arts District Miami, opened in December 2015 with ELLE DECOR as the first magazine sponsor. We showcased the TOTO Neorest smart toilet, Snaidero Italian kitchens, & some of the most famous artist’s work and mentorship vlogs worldwide.


My designs are for sale on my online store

I officially quit selling my product designs to major manufacturers and started CHRISTITASKER.com

Shop my exclusive designs!


Divorced & moved to Las Vegas

las vegas, vegas, best, things to do, best things to do, las vegas

Sometimes life throws us a lemon, it’s up to us to decide if we suck it, squeeze it or make lemonade or lemontinis. In my case, I moved from Atlanta to Las Vegas. Shortly after I re-started my entire life and took my design skills from interior design to digital design. 


Married this handsome hunk!

Boyd and I married on a little hidden beach in the Dominican Republic. 

Shortly after I started our branding, PR and advertising Tasker Agency.


Moved to Brickell

After losing our lease on CASA Wynwood, we relocated to downtown Miami in the area called Brickell. 


Spent 6 weeks in Asia

Christi Tasker, Best Travel Bloggers, Cebu Pacific plane

Started my name brand website

We kept promising to visit the digital media agency school that we mentored and helped start in the Philippines. In early January 2020, we knew the pandemic risks being aired about Wuhan but decided to go anyway. 

christi tasker, best travel blogs, best interior design blogger

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