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Full Recipe & Shopping List For My Awesome Best Body Oil Recipe With Jojoba

Yes, finally! Here is the full recipe for my French-inspired organic body oil recipe. Seriously – it’s the best body oil you’ll ever make and it won’t leave you feeling like a grease monkey after it naturally absorbs in. It’s perfect for aging skin, dry skin, and pregnant women. It’s ALL organic with NO filler ingredients.

Below you’ll find my complete shopping list with my exact recommendations and the organic body oil recipe. It will take you about 10 minutes to purchase and another 10 minutes to open your boxes, mix and pour the oil into your favorite containers.

The Back Story of How I Began Playing Around With Making My Own Organic Body Oil

After trying hundreds of different body oils, some expensive, others not so much. I found my favorite oil in a little mixologist shop in Paris. Back in the United States, I begin trying to find something similar at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, and other local mixers. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything I liked as much as the Parisian mixture. When I did find the Lemongrass oil at Trader Joe’s, they were sold out for months during the plandemic.

While trying to mix a formula that was organic and perfect in scent, absorption, and consistency. Several of my Miami guests have visited and each one loved the recipe without realizing I mixed it. Recently my little big sis Teresa came to visit from the Jykle Island area. Ever since she’s messaged me almost daily asking for the recipe. Her last message was “Don’t wait until my skin is crinkled!”

My Exclusive French Inspired Body Oil Recipe For The Best Organic Body Oil Ever » Beauty » body oil recipe »

I’m considering producing this for all to purchase without the headache of mixing. Mixing is not difficult but do be careful as it can be messy if you don’t follow the instructions. Please Note: The smell or consistency will not be the same without using these exact products. All products are not created equally. Yes, there are cheaper versions of these products because a lot of liquids and oils are watered down or are simply not real at all.

Homemade Body Oil Recipe Ingredients Amazon Shopping List

The quality of the ingredients is the most important part of the process. To make it easy for you, I’ve created a way for you to purchase the items directly from Amazon. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, they will ship the items directly to your house. In a couple of days, you can start the mixing process to start using the most amazing cost-effective organic homemade body oil your skin has ever had! Seriously – it’s that good!

1. First things first. You need something to mix the ingredients in easily pour them out.

2. Now 100% Organic Almond Oil

3. Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure & Natural Premium Grade Coconut Carrier Oil

4. 100% Pure Cliganic Organic Argan Oil

5. 100% Pure D-Alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E Oil 

6. 100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed Unrefined Hexane Free Jojoba Oil

7. Choose a Good Essential Premium Fragrance Oil with my comments on each:

      1. Jasmine is my very favorite – it’s clean crisp and reminds me of Parisian gardens on a Spring or Summer day.
      2. Spa scent reminds me of a day at the spa.
      3. Rose smells like a lightly fragranced bunch of roses.
      4. Peony is a sweet essential fragrance of springtime.
      5. Sugar Cookie is perfect for the Bath & Body Works sugar scent lovers.
      6. Cotton Candy is my favorite smell in the world as it reminds me of fairs; this cotton candy scent is similar to the Pink Sugar cologne.
      7. Mango is sweetly fresh and smells like ripe, ready-to-eat mango.
      8. Honeysuckle is sweet & clean.
      9. If none of those fragrances entice your senses, click here to see the other fragrances Good Essential makes. I love their blends the most as they are extremely fragrant and not filled with a lot of fillers.

Let the Mixing Begin! 

  1. Grab a glass mixing bowl or better yet, a glass mixing pitcher with a pouring spout.
  2. Mix the quantities of each oil shown below.

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best body oil recipe, organic, body oil recipe, homemade body oil recipe, diy body oil recipe

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