Enjoy Coffee or Beer in Las Vegas At Donut Bar with Creme Brulee and Pop-Tart

No matter when you’re waking up in Vegas, there’s a downtown treat waiting like no other. The most sinful part of Sin City (aka Las Vegas) may not be The Strip at all. Or gambling in the casinos. Or dining in the finest restaurants known to man. The oversized Pop-Tart and grilled cheese donuts at the Downtown Las Vegas artisan bake shop called Donut Bar put the “sin” in Sin City!

Come with me and my friend and Mandarin translator, Virginia Lui! Let’s go one block from my second Las Vegas office location at the Ogden…let’s go inside Donut Bar Las Vegas! Watch this video to meet the brothers Jeff and Joe, and learn how their morning Joe starts….

And the creme brulee donut is to die for…..just listen to the brulee crack…..


Watch this video to hear the crack of the creme brulee donut….

The Pop-Tart, Maple Glazed Bacon Donut, and Regular Oversized Donuts

Just look at the size of the Donut Bar donuts!!! The Pop-tart donut is stuffed with a real Pop-tart!!! The maple bacon donut has an entire strip of maple glazed bacon on top! The creme brulee donut is shown below in the center….it literally cracks when biting into it.

Not only does Downtown Las Vegas have Donut Bar, but there’s tons of great new wall art…including work by Sheppard Fairey. Seriously, “Be a Maker, Not a Taker!”

I mean, seriously, my best Asian friend in the whole wide world can barely fit her hands around this donut!!!

Donut Bar donuts are larger than Virge’s face!!!!

Not only are they big, and beautiful, Donut Bar donuts are full of flavor. There’s just one caveat…because it’s Vegas, YOU MUST EAT THE DONUTS WHILE THEY ARE FRESH! Remember…there’s no humidity in the air in Las Wages.

I don’t even like Pop-Tarts, but I love this donut!

Virgina, thanks for being an amazing photographer + model with along with ALL of the other things that you’re good at!

Jeff & Joe, you both ROCK! Your P.S. This Rocks ROCKSTAR stickers will be in the mail this week!

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P.S. After you finish stuffing your faces and your bellies on this travel journey, head on over to the Historic Neon Sign Bone Yard to see all of the old Vegas neon signs. 


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